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When Donald Trump became the president of the United States, his election to the highest office in the land was received in equal measure of love and hate. To the Democrats, it was a nightmare they never saw coming and to the Republicans, he was what America needed, to be great again.

This article has no intention in any shape or form to discredit the president of the United States, but to highlight how, he is the product of a society that worships money and greed before people’s interest.

During his presidential campaigns in 2016 Trump was boasting how greedy he is, as he expressed his love for money. He went ahead to declare how greedy he was for America. Unfortunately, many voters who have been brainwashed into believing that a country is supposed to be run like a business supported Trump's quest for greed. What these voters do not know is that running a country like a business entity does not solve the social economic and political problems of that country.

Donald Trump may be a very successful business owner and investor, he could be so good at making his businesses make huge profits but that does not automatically make him a successful leader or politician. He is a businessman, which is what he is good at – business. Politics? This is a totally different sector that requires political knowledge and acumen, leadership qualities with selflessness being paramount. Trump is nowhere near being selfless, he is a greedy man and its greedy people like him that voted him in and gave greed the power to reign over.

In contemporary America, if you are not rich, no one really cares about you if you. Americans worship money and fame even more than plastic surgery. In America, if you are successful, smart, famous and greedy, then you are the golden child, the untouchable.

The people that have succeeded in the private sector in America are highly regarded and respected than those that are public and non-profit organizations. Having been successful in the private sector then, Trump was what America needed to ‘’fix the dysfunctional American government’’. People believed that if he could make it in the corporate, he was automatically going to make America great again. His administration is run by billionaires and successful corrupt businessmen and his agendas have always been the ones that favors him and his fellow billionaires, now in the government.

And what has this resulted to? Is America great again? Trump’s administration has become one of the most corrupt and scandalous government in the history of America. The president has been abusing his office to align to his personal interests and needs. Trumps and his cohorts should know that a government can never be run like a business entity and neither does big money qualifies one to be the head of a nation. It is therefore true to say that Trump is indeed the product of a society that literally bows down to money than integrity and love for mankind.

Article author: Jenny Watson