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Capitalism is the cause of almost every injustice in this world, it fuels war, it allows people to suffer and starve and pushes innocent people out of their countries. Capitalism has had its time. Let’s replace it with something that can work, let’s replace it with something that uses human nature as something to improve society instead of destroy it. Let’s kill capitalism.

Welcome to the Let’s Kill Capitalism website. This site is intended to be a companion piece to the books. In fact, the second book ‘The Aretecratic Manifesto’ is available to read in its entirety on here.

This site is also intended to be a discussion point. We will write articles, share other relevant articles and in general discuss the problems caused by Capitalism and how Aretecracy (the name of the system designed to replace capitalism) could potentially help solve those issues.

If you want to have a more in-depth discussion with a wider community, we’ve also set up a subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/aretecracy/

If you have not yet read the book then it is available to buy on Amazon. Just follow the link below and it will take you right there:

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