Manifesto: Advertising and Corporations


Currently the world is highly unbalanced; this is almost entirely the fault of capitalism being allowed to run rampant. Corporations lobby for things, which do not serve to help humanity, but line the corporation’s own pockets. Sportsmen are grossly overpaid because corporate sponsorship allows the teams to become too big.

Sponsorship will be largely pointless.

Business will still play a large part in the world, however there will no longer be any need to sponsor anyone, money won’t exist in the traditional sense and as sport is entertainment and entertainment is now free, there will be little need for any team to require sponsorship.

Advertising will now be heavily regulated.

  • Any claim a company makes, as a ‘fact’ needs to be verified by an independent board in a similar process to scientific peer reviewing.
  • Companies will not be allowed to reference competitors (even subtly) in any way that can be considered derisory.
  • Opinions and misleading statements/imagery will not be allowed.
  • Advertisements need to be informative in order to enable the consumer to make a rational choice and not be manipulated by the advert.
  • Companies will still be able to run promotions and sales, however these will be reflecting alterations in supply and demand (for example get rid of an abundance of stock) instead of lining their own pockets. Sales promotions will have to be approved by the government representative assigned to that company.
  • Advertising directly to children will be strictly prohibited.

Lobbying will be criminalised.

Even in a world without money, lobbying is still possible.

The barter system is likely to thrive under Aretecracy and sooner or later it will inevitably form a currency of it’s own, this is to be expected and as long as it never becomes big enough to become a tool of power then it’s not really a concern and will be tolerated (although areas where the currency becomes prevalent will be analysed as it may be that the currency is being used to overcome a shortfall from the government).

However if companies are allowed to lobby then this will increase the power of any newly formed currency and will slowly start to shift the balance of power back to individuals. This cannot be tolerated.

Article author: Alexander Foxleigh