Manifesto: Animal Rights


Unfortunately, we are not herbivores and vegetarianism is not a viable solution for everyone (myself included). Therefore we cannot give livestock animals the same rights as humans. However changes which can be made, will be made.

The following legal reforms will be passed

  • A law will be passed which considers the intentional killing of any animal for non-livestock or pest-control purposes as murder and will be dealt with as a criminal investigation and given the same level of treatment as a case against another human (Note: Pest control extermination will be limited to where there is a danger of harm to another animal or human or if a serious infestation has taken place).
  • Any religious practice, which involves harm to any animal, will be immediately outlawed, anyone found to be continuing this practice would be tried as a criminal. The only way around this would be to then use the animal for food – you will also need to register as a livestock owner and will be therefore subject to regulation and monitoring.
  • The accidental killing of an animal will be considered the same as manslaughter and will undergo the same investigative procedure. (Note: This law does not extend to animals who are killed by vehicles on the road – unfortunately this law would be unenforceable and would serve no purpose)
  • Veterinary clinics will be held to the same standards and expectations as hospitals.

Meat products will use a significant amount of your allowance

Meat was once considered a luxury item and was not something that people had at every meal. Today, meat production causes many problems in our world, it contributes to the destruction of our environment and many meat production facilities treat their livestock terribly.

Meat products will now cost a lot more and vegetables a lot less. This will hopefully reduce the demand for meat over time.

Livestock owners will be regulated and monitored

If you keep livestock, either for business or for personal use, you must register with the government as doing so. Once a quarter an inspector will attend your premises to ensure the animals are being given a decent standard of living. Farming will be a high Grace-earning business and so will hopefully become a popular profession, however any farm which fails an inspection will immediately be given a zero-Grace status and will have to prove that it has increased the conditions of its animals before it will be able to earn Grace again.

Article author: Alexander Foxleigh