Manifesto: Borders and immigration


The tribe mentality of our ancestors played a vital role when we were small minded and limited. Our collective power and intelligence no longer requires this philosophy and our artificially defined countries only serve to create differences between us and stop us from becoming truly global.

It will no longer be required to have a passport to travel into or out of the Aretecratic Union. It is hoped that other countries will also adopt this system in time creating a world where we are no longer English, American, Korean etc. and we start to see ourselves are merely Human. The outcome of this will hopefully result in the end of borders separating companies and for us to become a global society rather than a collection of savage tribes.

Each system to adopt the Aretecratic method will be required to allow free passage to any and all countries or at least to those who also run their government as an Aretecratic nation.

Nationalism and patriotism will be discouraged.

With the abolition of borders, the eventual hope is that people will no longer see any significance in being born in a particular location on the planet.

The random nature of your birth is nothing to be proud of, you had no control over where you were born and it is no greater achievement to be born in England than it is to have a belly button. Ideally extreme nationalism would be criminalised, however the right to free speech would preclude this, so instead nationalism will be looked at with caution and discouraged. Education programs will be added to school to ensure that children are educated on the follies of nationalism and showing what horrors resulted from it in the past.

Any physical or mental abuse caused by nationalism will be dealt with, harshly.


Anyone who wishes to move to an Aretecratic country is free to do so. If they have travelled to an Aretecratic country before then they will already have an ID and will have accumulated some personal allowance and possibly even some Grace during their time here. Once they choose to permanently relocate, they need only inform the government of their intention to stay. Their profile will be upgraded from ‘visitor’ to ‘resident’ and their allowance will begin to accrue regardless of if they are in the country or not.

If they own any property in their original country which they wish to keep then nobody will take it from them, however any profits they make from it will have to be spent outside the AU and they will have to find a way to maintain the property and pay any fees using money earned outside of the AU. If they wish to do so, they can surrender the property to the Aretecratic Union who will then sell it and use the proceeds to fund the nations economy.

When they first attain resident status, they will earn Grace at Amnesty rates for the first year of their residency. The additional six months is to account for the time it will take to integrate themselves with their local community.

Once you have entered an Aretecratic society, you will never be ejected from it. You may leave of your own volition but even if you commit atrocious crimes, you will still not be forced to leave. However under some circumstances, extradition orders may be granted.


If for any reason, you wish to leave the Aretecratic Union, you are free to do so. The government will even help you locate a suitable property and will purchase it for you in your name. The price of the house you will be able to buy will depend on your Grace and class status when you leave. You will also be given a cash lump sum in the currency of the country you are emigrating to which will be enough to cover the average time it will take to find work there.

Should you ever choose to return, even if just for a visit, you will find that your Grace and allowance have remained intact. If you make the decision to return permanently then you will be expected to surrender the property bought for you. If you have already sold the property and cannot provide the profit from the sales to the government then your allowance accounts will be reset to zero and you will not be eligible for paid emigration again for a period of fifteen years.

As Emigration involves a withdrawal of Capital currency, if you choose to return to the country then you will not be eligible for paid Emigration for at least another five years. However this just means we will not buy you a property in the destination country or give you a lump sum payment, if you have people you can stay with at your destination then you may choose to leave and return as often as you wish.

Article author: Alexander Foxleigh