Manifesto: Contract Law


All businesses will have to now be more careful about the products and services they provide as now the burden of proof will rest on them, rather than the customer. The old adage ‘The customer is always right’ will come back into effect with a slight modification to “The customer is assumed to be right until proven otherwise in a court of law”. Not as snappy, perhaps but certainly a great deal fairer.

The sale of goods will now always involve a direct spend of credits, this credit spend will not go into the account of the company owner, instead Grace will be created from the credit spend and will be distributed along everyone on the entire supply line of that product. As a result of this, misleading the customer or not providing good customer-service would actually hurt the company and it’s employees directly and so will likely simply stop happening.

Companies will lose their right to be recognised as people.

“An undocumented alien who is building your buildings or mowing your lawn isn’t a person but General Electric is a person, an immortal, super-powerful person. This perversion of the elementary morality of the obvious meaning of the law is quite incredible” – Noam Chomskey

A ludicrous law exists which allowed companies to be legally recognised as people. This gave them all the same rights as a human being (due process etc…) This is ridiculous and only serves to give power to those who don’t deserve power. This law will be abolished under Aretecracy.

The patent system will be abolished and everything will become ‘open source’

Information belongs to the people, the inventor of a great product, service or idea should be given credit for a truly exceptional idea (they will likely be invited into the Meritocratic class) and they are of course welcome to capitalise on the idea to an extent, however they will not be allowed to prevent others from using the same idea.

Creating a closed system hampers progress and creates fracturing in technological evolution. If we want a world where technology is truly something we control then it needs to be open to everyone to use.

Article author: Alexander Foxleigh